Tonight’s the Night! Maps to Help You Spot Asteroid TB145

Halloween fireballs, a Supermoon and now a near-Earth asteroid flyby. What a week! While 2015 TB145 won’t be visible in binoculars because of its relative faintness and glare from a nearby waning gibbous Moon, you should be able to see it in an 8-inch telescope or larger telescope without too much difficulty.  Determined amateurs might even […]

How to See the Spooktacular Halloween Flyby of Asteroid 2015 TB145

Trick or treat! I think we’re definitely in for a treat.  2015 TB145  will fly past Earth at a safe distance slightly farther than the moon’s orbit on Oct. 31 at 12:05 p.m. CDT (17:05 UT). Estimated at 1,300 feet (400-meters) across, this Great Pumpkin of an asteroid will be big enough and close enough to […]

This Large Asteroid Will Pass Eerily Close to Earth on Halloween

Yes, it’s true: a rather not-so-tiny near-Earth asteroid 2015 TB145 will make a relatively close pass by our dear planet Earth on October 31, aka Halloween — the night when certain beliefs profess that the veil separating the worlds of the living and the dead is at its thinnest, allowing spiritual and even physical interaction to occur between both. […]