Stunning Triple Planetary Conjunction Pictures from Around the World

Have you seen the views in the morning skies this week, with three planets huddling together at dawn? Just one degree separated planets Jupiter and Venus, with Mars sneaking in nearby. Astrophotographers were out in full force to capture the views! Above, the very talented photographer Alan Dyer from Canada captured a stunning image of […]

Watch Lenticular Clouds Form in the Moonlight

Clouds and moonlight are usually the bane of astronomers and astrophotographers. But on a recent evening at Mount Shasta in northern California, the two combined for a stunning look at usual cloud formations called lenticular clouds. Fortunately for us, photographer Brad Goldpaint from Goldpaint Photography was on hand to capture the event. His beautiful sunset […]

First Lunar Eclipse Ever Photographed with a Transit of the ISS

To our knowledge, this is the first time anyone has ever photographed a transit of the International Space Station of the Moon DURING a lunar eclipse. And guess who did it? Not surprisingly, it was the legendary astrophotographer Thierry Legault. Usually, Thierry will travel up to thousands of miles to capture unique events like this, […]

Skywatchers Identify Aircraft as They Pass in Front of the Sun

It’s all about timing and location. You’ve probably seen images we’ve posted on Universe Today of planes crossing in front of the Sun or the Moon. But how do the photographers manager to capture these events? Hint: it’s not random luck. “I live under a main flight path out of Heathrow,” said photographer Chris Lyons […]

Comet Lovejoy Now at its Brightest: Images from Around the World

Last night was the first time I was able to spot Comet Lovejoy with unaided eyes. The latest images from our readers and dedicated astrophotographers confirm that now is a good time to see the comet, which is reaching maximum brightness at his week. reports that many experienced observers say the comet is now […]

Photo Shoot Captures Classified Spy Satellite Engine Burn

Remember at the end of “Star Trek: First Contact” when Lily looks up to see the Enterprise enter the temporal vortex with a flash of light? Astrophotographer Randy Halverson captured a view very similar to that scene, albeit without time travel or Vulcans standing nearby. “On July 28th, 2014, I was set up to shoot […]

Incredible Fast-Moving Aurora Captured in Real Time by Thierry Legault

Usually, videos that feature aurora are timelapse videos, in order to show the normally slow movements of the Northern and Southern Lights. But here are some incredibly fast-moving aurorae shown in real time, as seen by astrophotographer extraordinaire Thierry Legault. He was in Norway last week and said the fast-dancing, shimmering aurora were incredible. “At […]