Mercury MESSENGER Mission Concludes with a Smashing Finale!

The planet Mercury will soon have a brand new 52-foot-wide crater. At 3:26 p.m.  EDT this afternoon, NASA’s MESSENGER spacecraft will finally bite the Mercurial dust, crashing into the planet’s surface at over 8,700 mph near the crater Janacek. Because the impact will happen out of sight and communication with the Earth, the MESSENGER team plans […]

Mercury Spacecraft Moves To Testing Ahead Of 2016 Launch To Sun’s Closest Planet

After facing down a couple of delays due to technical difficulties, Europe’s and Japan’s first Mercury orbiter is entering some of the final stages ahead of its 2016 launch. Part of the BepiColombo orbiter moved into a European testing facility this past week that will shake, bake and otherwise test the hardware to make sure […]