China Plans Lunar Far Side Landing by 2020

China aims to land a science probe and research rover on the far side of the Moon by 2020, say Chinese officials. Chinese scientists plan to carry out the highly complex lunar landing mission using a near identical back up to the nations highly successful Chang’e-3 rover and lander – which touched down in December […]

Walk Beside China’s Moon Rover In Best Chang’e-3 Mission Pictures Ever

It’s been just over a year since China wowed the world with the first soft Moon landing in almost 40 years. The Chang’e-3 robotic lander made it all the way to Mare Imbrium (Sea of Rains) on Dec. 14, 2013, quickly deploying the Yutu rover for a spin. Mission updates have been sparse in recent […]

Chinese Unmanned Lunar Orbiter Returns Home Safely, Paves Path for Ambitious Lunar Sample Return

A Chinese robotic probe has just successfully completed the first round trip to the Moon and back home in four decades that paves the path for China’s next great space leap forward – an ambitious mission to return samples from the lunar surface later this decade. On Saturday, Nov. 1, the unmanned Chang’e-5 T1 test […]

China Launches Moon Mission to Test Key Lunar Sample Return Technologies

China launched a robotic mission to the Moon today (Oct. 23 EDT/Oct. 24 BJT) that will test a slew of key technologies required for safely delivering samples gathered from the Moon’s surface and returning them to Earth later this decade for analysis by researchers. Today’s unmanned launch of what has been dubbed “Chang’e-5 T1” is […]